Welcome to my summer

Summer job started last week and I am SOO EXCITED about it. I work as the assistant site director at an outdoor recreation/camp facility, which means pool and sun all day for me🙂. I’ve been working at camps in the summer since high school, and I can’t imagine not being outside during the few months of nice Chicago weather. We are already off to a great start with pre-opening prep. Saturday is opening day, and I’m stoked and just a bit terrified.

You will probably be seeing lots of pics that look like this…


My summer work hours are absolutely perfect for summer running. I start at 3pm and close out at 7:30pm. Therefore, I have the ENTIRE MORNING to run in cooler temps. Since I’ll be running in the morning, I’ll have the luxury of crashing on the couch right when I get home. No shame in going to bed at 8pm for this girl.

Obviously, my other summer plans include running on top of running on top of running. I’m starting to warm-up to this morning running business. I love exploring the world when it’s quiet and calm in the am hours. The big thing I’m still struggling with is food. It sounds so silly to say, but it’s true. I know I’ve mentioned before that I ALWAYS wake up hungry. Always. Some days I have enough energy to make it through a run and feast when I get home, and other days (today for example) I just can’t do anything before I eat. Runner problems. Anybody have an awesome pre-run snack that’s light, quick and does the job? I need help people!!


Tangent- Someone asked me the other day why I chose running… I literally could not explain my answer in less than an hour and a half. I’m certain this person wished they hadn’t asked me. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

Most important tangent- Little sis is coming home from school tomorrow and my mind is about to explode thinking about it. I can’t wait to wake her up at 7am (and receive some punishment for it), have my hair braided everyday, make her visit me at work, snuggle on the couch and watch romcoms, and basically do everything under the sun with her by my side. I love that little thing to bits and pieces.


Have a fabulous Tuesday amigos! We’ll chat soon🙂



That sun though…

FIRST of all, Happy (belated) Global Running Day! I feel like there’s a national/global day for everything these days, but I whole heartedly support this one. I was planning on spilling my heart and soul on this topic, but I decided a pic would be more entertaining for you.


Yes, summer running is here.

My attitude toward summer running is this:

Blazing sun + humidity + thunderstorms and rain + plants that make me sneeze + waking up early + extreme tiredness + yearning for shade/clouds = not my favorite running season.

I know I shouldn’t complain about nice weather in Chicago, but in my opinion summer is not an ideal running situation. It’s too damn hot. And sunny. And humid. And UNCOMFORTABLE.

Anyone else with me on this one? Give me mild fall/spring weather and I am a happy runner.

This week has been particularly tough for me running in the heat. My body just isn’t having it. It seems like my legs never recover, I always have a stomach ache and I’m ready to crash the second I walk in the door. My pace has gone up nearly 1.5 minutes… I’m majorly annoyed by that.

I don’t know what is the dealio with my body struggling to adjust. I’m drinking a TON of water/gatorade throughout the day/night (I sleep with a water bottle in my bed, not on the night stand, in my actual bed), I’m eating a ton, going to bed early, rolling out, stretching and doing some stabilization exercises. I’m also taking plenty of off days (2 a week at the moment). Am I missing something? Oh right, probably that thing called patience.

I’m an eager and intense person. When I decide I’m doing something, I’m really committing myself to doing it. I struggle to be patient and remind myself that running is a sport of adjustments. We adjust our running based on how we feel physically and mentally. We adjust based on the weather. We adjust our training schedules. We adjust based on LIFE.

Life changes = Running changes too.

Change is normal. Adjusting to change is normal. Be kind to yourself and give those adjustments time to really adjust. (*Me writing that is really a subliminal message to myself).

While I’m frustrated as ever waiting for my body to catch onto this summer thing, I’ve been proactive in preparing myself for hotter runs.

1. LOTS OF WATER- All my current routes have at least 2 water fountains.

2. LOTS OF GATORADE- Yellow and orange only because I’m weird like that. I also love cold lemonade after a hot run… the best.


3. LOTS OF SHADE- I feel like a dog constantly hunting for some darkness in the sunshine. My body somehow always gravitates toward even the tiniest patch of shade. I need it. I discovered this little porch thing on the trail this morning and I have a feeling we will be best buds. Water fountain, shade, benches and a lake (kind of) is perfect when I’m melting.


4. WAKING UP EARLY- I’m not a morning runner. I need to have a full day of food and hydration if I really want a great run. I always wake up hungry and thirsty, so slipping on my shoes and burning the energy I do have is no bueno for me. I’m still playing with my eating and drinking schedule to be set for a morning run.

5. EARLY BEDTIME- If it were socially acceptable for a 20 something year old to be in bed by 8:30 every night, I’d be so trendy :)

Those seem pretty legit, right? Hopefully these preps will start making some miracles reallll soon.

Any other tips??? Comment!

Happy almost weekend🙂